Oh captain, my captain


Say hello to my new screen saver.  I like it because James Tiberius Kirk follows me wherever I go in my office.  And he has that little mischievous grin on his face which I love.

Speaking of love, how have we not discussed how I loved the movie Star Trek?  I went on opening weekend, dragging two boys who were prepared to be unimpressed, a friend who had no interest whatsoever and a pregnant lady. 

Now I can’t speak for them all, but one can only assume by the debriefing afterwards that we all had a fine time.  I know Captain Kirk was a big help in making the movie so awesome for me.  Him and all the sexual innuendos that were flying up and down our row. 

“He can beam me up anytime.” or “Loading torpedo Captain Kirk.”  or “Full throttle ahead Sulu.”  or “I bet he has boldly gone where no man has gone before…”

I kept trying to throw “to infinity and beyond” in there.  Clearly…that is Buzz Lightyear and I have my action/sci-fi/adventure catch phrases mixed up.

But back to the Kirk.  I first adored Chris Pine in the movie Just My Luck


Don’t you remember when it came out?  It was the summer of 2006.  Me and those two 12-year-old girls were the only ones in that Oklahoma City theater.  Not Lohan’s best moment, but Chris was all I cared about at the time.

Then I Netflicked Blind Dating.  Let’s just say that the good Captain did not score an academy award nomination, but the infatuation did continue.  I’ve been cyber stalking him ever since.  I can’t wait to meet him so he can go ahead and start falling in love with me. 

What did you guys think about the movie?  Did you tell someone later that you were checking their frequency?  Or was that just me?  Did you think Spok was as adorable as I did?  Will you be seeing it again this weekend? 



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