Oh Cheno…

People Magazine reported yesterday that chachtastic Jake Pavelka is dating Kristin Chenoweth.

For those of you who don’t know the amazing Cheno, she was half of the dynamic duo in the Broadway smash WICKED playing Galinda the Good (Note: not a typo.  The “gah” is silent) alongside the equally talented Idina Menzel as Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.  One of the more memorable scenes that comes a close second to “Defying Gravity” is this piece:

I’m unsure if dating Pavelka would be the vehicle I would personally use to to catapult my name into extended stardom after being in the shadows of the prime time spotlight since the formidable GCB was mercifully axed by ABC mere moments after it aired. Considering the fact that her name is in every major entertainment magazine, TV show and website, one may assume that after countless performances of singing that song in the Gershwin Theater on 51st Street, something subconsciously sunk in to Cheno psyche.

The question remains…is it good publicity or bad? Or is Jake so far removed from the mansion, pad, Dancing with the Stars floor and Chippendale stage that we really don’t care? Should we be excited that it’s not Vienna? Should we be concerned about Kristin’s judgement? How will the goods in Jake’s cargo plane be delivered if he’s busy flirting with a Broadway star? Sound off in the comment section!


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