Oh the things that make me happy…

I was in California last week on business. Drove back and forth between LA and Bakersfield. I found an amazing radio station that played all 80s and 90s music. You may be saying to yourself, “Big whoop Lincee. We have a radio station like that here in [insert city].”

Well this one was different. Sure it played your typical George Michael, Bon Jovi and Madonna staple tunes, but only 50 percent of the time. The other half was dedicated to the songs you LOVED back in the day, but the artists didn’t necessarily stand the test of mainstream radio play. You didn’t buy their entire cassette tape…but you did sing at the top of your lungs to the cassette single that cost you only $1.99.

Confused yet?

Let me give you a few examples of these little gems that I re-discovered while driving with my windows down along I-5.

Song/Artist: All Cried Out by Lisa Lisa
Lyrics: “How was I to knooooooow? You would weaken so easily?
Aaahhh-iii-eee-iiii-eee-iiii…I don’t know what to do. Now I’m all cried out. Over you.”
Memory: I really felt I knew what this woman was going through even though I was ten.

Song/Artist: Always by Atlantic Starr
Lyrics: “And weeeeeeee both knooooooooow. That our luuuuuuuuv. Will groooooooow. And FOREVER. It will BE…YOOOOOOOUUUUU and MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Yeah-eh-eh-eh-uh.”
Memory: Picture it…my uncle shows up with his family on the Fourth of July, picks me up and begins a road trip to Disney World. It was the summer of 1986 and I was in the back seat with my cousins Johnny and Stephanie. That song was on the radio all the time. Since we had to pass through a million states to get from Texas to Florida, radio stations would go in and out. Therefore, we heard Always about every 15 minutes. And we sang loud and proud. To the top of our lungs. Good times.

Song/Artist: Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman
Lyrics: “Give me one reason to stay heeyah. And I turn right back around.”
Memory: My sister played this over and over. Love, love, love it.

Song/Artist: What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes
Memory: Tryout routine for Bobcat Belles. Awesome.

I’ve downloaded them all and they are now a part of the Lincee i-Tunes family. But I would like to add some of their friends to the playlist.

Any ideas for me? Stick to the 80s and 90s and don’t make me laugh by suggesting Milli Vanilli, MC Hammer, Spice Girls, Wham, etc. You know I already have all of those. Shame on you if you don’t.

I’m in meetings all day, but I will be checking tonight for sure. Tomorrow is download day since I am headed to NYC and need some fresh tunes on the old i-Pod.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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