Oh the weather outside is frightful

Technically, I’m the only one prepared for frightful weather. What is up with this picture? Clearly, our local weatherman must have predicted a wicked blizzard that was about to hit Hallsville, Texas for the first time in its existence. It’s the only way to account for my kickin’ green and white toboggan and what appears to be a black turtle neck under what is undoubtedly red coveralls.

My toothless sister and dazed cousin are in short-sleeves and appear to be fairly comfortable without coats or hats. I guess the person taking our traditional totem pole picture didn’t care that they stripped down to their Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts the minute we ran outside to fight over who would get to ride the Big Wheel and tricycle up and down the driveway first. Everyone knows I’m a rule follower. Surely I was cooler than to dress like this on purpose.

Who am I kidding? Not only do I look like a dork, but I could easily be mistaken for a boy.

Stupid Dorthy Hamill hair cut…


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