One day…she’ll know the truth

Meet Alexandria. She’s the daughter of my dear friends Caroline and Michael. Bless their hearts, they are huge fans of the website and they thought it would be funny to send me pictures of Alexandria’s first taste of green beans.

Here she is eyeing the dreadful thing. I’m sure her one-year-old brain is trying to comprehend why something so cheery and colorful could have such a scary texture.


She takes her first bite and wonders what that weird smell is as she looks longingly at her mother on the other side of the camera lens as if to say, “Are you sure I should be putting this in my mouth?” Then she swallows.


And she likes it. Clearly…she’ll eat anything.


You are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I am very proud of you for eating healthy. But seriously. Green beans?

One of these days, dear Alexandria, you will know the truth. Green beans are evil. It’s my opinion. But it’s true. Remember…I’m the one who ALWAYS has gum and some sort of sugary candy in my purse. I know what is good and what is not. Trust me.

Wait until you discover Pringles. Now there’s a day to look forward to! Let’s hope your parents document that moment in time to remember forever as well.


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