One of these things is cooler than the others

When I received this awesome picture from IHGB reader/triathlete Kari, it took me a while to process what I was seeing with my very own eyes.  Take a look for yourself:

1.  I’m convinced that Lieutenant Doctor Andy Baldwin shot at least four rounds of Botox into his forehead before the triathlon.  Does anyone else feel that he is wearing waterproof mascara?  The eyes are popping a little too much for me.  And I get that swim caps are supposed to be tight, but surely he should re-think the elasticity if he appears to be an Asian drag version of himself.  Am I wrong here?

2.  Ah.  Trista’s Husband Ryan…you are so pretty.  It’s a special sight to behold when you can count a man’s six pack through his wet suit.

3.  And then there’s Harrison.  I’d be willing to bet that he’s pulling back on the charm because he feels sorry for the other two.  His teeth are gleaming white.  His goggles are über stylish.  And when Asian Lieutenant Doctor Baldwin suggested they “thumbs up” for the camera, Harrison schooled our former Bachelors on what constitutes an appropriate manly hand gesture.  It’s either “rock on,” a reverse hook ’em horns or a secret LA gang sign he’s flashing to his fellow boyz in the hood.

Classic Harrison.  Simply classic.


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