One step closer to Harrison

My new best friend Earl over at Fantasy Frostings in California took this pictures of his new clients for this little contest I hold on my website with a certain beverage of choice:

That’s right people! It’s DDAHnna and Stephen Stagliano (brother of Michael) posing with a Dr Pepper! They are getting married and Earl’s wife Leslie is making the cake. According to Earl, Leslie does her best work hopped up on the glorious 23 flavors and has decorated all of her cakes for the last 10 years with a bowl of frosting in one hand and a Dr Pepper in the other. He wanted to enter this photo in the contest, but I thought it deserved to be honored on its own.

The folks over at Dr Pepper were kind enough to appreciate the effort put forth by Earl and Leslie and have agreed to send them some complimentary coupons.

First green shorty short Ed and now DDAHnna with her twin Stag fiance! I’m telling you guys, this thing is going to get back to Harrison for sure! It’s going to happen. I’m keeping the faith that one day, someone will send me a pic of him holding a can of Dr Pepper. I hope he’s wearing blue so his eyes will pop.

Thanks for thinking of me Earl and Leslie! You guys rock!


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