OPAH! DDAHnna’s back tonight!

Here’s what we know:

1. She’s 26
2. She’s Greek
3. She’s from Georgia and likes to play the Southern Belle card
4. She is strong and independent and will tell you where to stick it
5. She’s been shunned and wants to prove to America that she’s not a complete basket case

Based on these facts, I would say that she would prefer someone that is tall, dark and handsome who has a good job and ready to be married…therefore, older than her. No time to waste on snow boarders and kung fu dojo owners. I predict the following:
Check 1: Eric
Pros: Originally from Greece who is 31 years old and a senior analyst
Cons: Works in Boston and might be too uptight

Check 2: Jason
Pros: Good looking 31-year-old account executive
Cons: Lives in Cleveland

Check 3: Richard
Pros: Looks the part and is a school teacher
Cons: In New York

Check 4: Jeremy
Pros: Real estate in TEXAS
Cons: Questionable eyebrows and looks just like Richard the teacher

It seems like DDAHnna is always in a red string bathing suit, so we should get a lot more bare chest from the men this season. Matty let us down in that area, but I’m sure the hot tub will be bubbling in future episodes.

I also predict that at least one dude tells her that Hotter than Crap Brad was a fool, A FOOL, for letting her walk out of his life. And she’ll give him a rose boutonniere. And I’ll roll my eyes.

One last thing: MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR TIVO AND VCRs because mine was NOT set to record this morning. Thank goodness I’m a good little recaper and checked before leaving the house.

Let the countdown commence,


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