Early Morning

March came in like a thief in the night and stole all my sanity before I knew what was going on. What in the world? Where did the month go? I could have sworn I was celebrating my February book launch one day and the next time I checked my calendar, it was April. My point? Life has been busy. It’s a good busy…a GREAT busy I would say. The

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2018 Summer Movies

It’s that time of year, dear reader! In just a month, Hollywood is going to hit us with summer movies. These are the ones they anticipate will break all box office records, excluding Black Panther, because I’m seriously not sure how anything can even come close to its impressive milestones. When you’re in Harry Potter and Star Wars territory, you know you’ve done something right. Well done, Disney. This should

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IHGB Podcast 46: Dancing in Movies

I understand that this podcast title may be confusing. Let me explain: When listener Kara suggested this topic, I was validated because I’ve been circling it for a while. However I didn’t just want to do dance movies because most of my favorite dance movies are musicals. And I already did a podcast on musicals. (It was wonderful, by the way. You should listen!) But in Kara’s email to me,

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