Licky boom, boom down

I’ve just purchased Snow’s “Informer” from i-Tunes. Should I have my head examined? Or am I the coolest person you know?

Sweeney Sisters

This is me and my friend Jill. We are dressed as the famous Saturday Night Live dynamic duo, THE SWEENEY SISTERS! Some of you may be too young to remember. And that makes me sad for you. Please – do not try to find their act on the Intraweb. It doesn’t exist. Believe me. I’ve looked every month since this summer when Jill and I were asked to reprise our

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Christmastiiiiiiiiiime is heeeeeeeere

Everyone knows I love the holidays. I am in the best mood from Thanksgiving, through December up until New Year’s Day. (Of course then I go through a little depression when I have to take my Christmas stuff down, but that’s a post for a different time.) Yesterday as I was sitting at my desk working on a story about my recent trip to Oklahoma and trying to figure out

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Four weeks. Let the countdown BEGIN!

January 5 is THE DAY ladies and gentlemen. Only four weeks to go before Jason pimps himself and his kid to 20 ladies and I’m pretty sure five hoochie mamas looking for 15 minutes of fame. And he’s going to do it all with his shirt off. See below: So let’s hear it. What do you guys think? Is Jason going to be melba toast? Or will he pull through

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