Peer Pressure

I’ve made a decision.  I’ve done my best to stay away from Bachelor spoilers.  I know Reality Steve and the Fans of Reality TV websites have put information out on the world wide web and I have refrained from checking their sites. Then I started receiving emails and FB messages from tons of people asking my opinion on what was happening.  Although I appreciate these emailers NOT giving specific details

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And then there were two

I’ve only be recapping this show for the last six years…what do I know?   Kudos to ABC for keeping me on my toes.  I really thought Molly was a goner.  I literally uttered a gasp when he called her name.  And from all the uncomfortable blushing I was experiencing during Jillian and Jason’s soft core porn scene in the wine vat/pseudo hot tub, I pretty much assumed the two

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Prediction: Molly is done!

I’m going to have to say that Molly is done after tonight.  Who’s with me?

iTune update

I love my iPod.  It’s brand new.  I lost my original one after working out one day.  It was attached to me and then it wasn’t.  Crazy I know.   But my new one is beautiful.  It’s apple green.  My free engraving on the back states, “Make a joyful noise.”  And I do.  I am an iPod singer/dancer and can’t tell you how supremely STOKED I am to have upgraded

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