Meet the Family: Johnny Ray

He loves his tractor. He carries matches around in a Mason jar so he can burn things. He kills snakes… …with his machete Love you Daddy!

Let’s Vote!

I decided to put my theory to the test. There is some debate on the message boards as to which celebrity “First Impression Rose” Jenni resembles. I say Katie Couric. Others say Molly Shannon and Jennifer Love Hewitt. You decide.

In the Name of Webbed Sweetness …Take Your Pants Off

956 roses 620 limos 355 crying ladies 19 crying men 167 hot tubs 35 million in diamonds 719 kisses (only QB Palmer and Firestone were good) 2 gun-toting Dads 8 proposals One marriage One baby And a partridge in a pear treeInteresting opener ABC, but let me clue you in: We prefer to gawk at the HOT guy that is this season’s Bachelor. Your little opening montage, although creative, took

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A Message from Chris Harrison

Received this email from Chris Harrison: “Brad is really good and reps Texas well. We’ll both be stopping by Dancing with the Stars Monday night before the show to promote. Look forward to reading you blog on Tues… The best gift I could ever give you is a girl named Melissa…. enjoy!” Isn’t it just like our favorite host to provide us with such a wonderful morsel of information before

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