After the Final Rose

Our host Chris Harrison: “Two women left it tears. Brad remains a Bachelor. It was the ending the shocked America.” I beg to differ my friend. Check out my blog. About a thousand people guessed that he wouldn’t pick either girl on the comments page. America is not THAT shocked. But America is pretty pissy. And America wants answers! Things we learned from last night’s After the Final Rose: 1.

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Anyone up for a road trip to Austin?

Who feels robbed? Well…besides Jenni Couric and DDAHnna, but that’s a given. I feel robbed because my viewing pleasure was RUINED last night by my own ignorance. Hate it when that happens. I volunteer on Monday nights and always rush home afterwards to watch Dancing with the Stars, the Bachelor and Chuck (in that order) from about 9:00 to 11:00. That’s right. Three one-hour shows in two hours. This is

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Who’s PUMPED?!?!

This picture means nothing to me. I have no clue who he is going to pick. Five more hours!

Women Tell All…And They Don’t Hold Back

The “Women Tell All” episode is always fun for me. For once, I don’t feel like I have to take extensive notes to remember all the juicy details. Instead, I just make a list of all the crazy things these media hungry girls say on national TV. So I thought it would be fun to just write out…verbatim…what was in my notes. WARNING: This might be a bit random. –

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