I bet the Grants are so proud

Let’s discuss THIS, shall we?

A man and his monkey

Last night was the final Young Life Club for the year (in which I am a volunteer leader) and all I kept thinking about was how sad it was that the seniors were leaving, how annoyed I was that I’m on a “lifestyle change” diet and couldn’t eat any of Kristin’s homemade chocolate chip cookies and how anxious I was to see who Matty picked in this season’s finale of

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Crazy vs. Slutty: it could go either way

It’s ten after 9:00 p.m. here in Houston, Texas. I’m trying to let my DVR record so I can fast forward through all the commercials. I’m not reading email or answering any phone calls or text messages that may come through in the next hour. I learned my lesson last year. With that said, according to the poll from last week’s recap, a little over half of you think Shayne

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Iron Man

I’m not a comic book nerd, but I’m a fan of all the their hero movies (Spider, Super, Bat) and love action films. I typically don’t anticipate these comic book movies months in advance or stand in line for hours to be the first in the theater on opening weekend. With that said, I suggest you go see Iron Man. Today. Take your Mother. It’s that good. Robert Downey Jr.

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