Slip-N-Slide + National TV = Just Wrong

So there I was on Continental flight 822 from Colombia. We had just landed and I, under strict orders from those in my immediate family, called to say I was back in Houston the minute the plane touched the runway. My Mom and sister Jamie are both teachers, so I left voice messages for them. My Dad, who never answers his cell phone, greeted me with a booming, “HOLA!” when

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Recap might be late next week

UPDATE: I’m here and loving it in Bogota. I know there is a little accent over the “a” in Bogota, but have no time to figure out how to insert it right now! Looks like I’ll be watching the show late Tuesday and writing it Wednesday. Would watch at ABC online, but Internet connection here is very low. And by the way…they are on the CENTRUM SILVER season here! Can

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A recent conversation with my boss

Boss: “What are you doing Monday and Tuesday?” Lincee: “Watching the Bachelor.” Boss: “I need you to go to Colombia.” Lincee: “As in Ohio?” Boss: “No. That would be Columbus. I need you in Colombia. The country.” Lincee: blank stare Boss: “Great. We’ll talk about details later.”