I’m so out of shape. Jane Fonda told me so last night.

Well…maybe it wasn’t really Jane Fonda, but she was a perky young thing named Stacy in a black sports bra. And maybe SHE didn’t really tell me I was out of shape as much as the huffing and puffing, weak arms, knee pains and the stitch I felt in my side about 20 minutes into Jazzercise. Oh yes. I said Jazzercise. LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN! I’m looking at it right

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Wine and blue…arrows so true

That’s what Pi Phi will mean to you! Ironically, we didn’t have wine to celebrate the inaugural meeting of our new found club. We had margaritas. And they were good. I actually had a daiquiri because I prefer rum to tequila. Sadly, I thought the sweet waiter at Cafe Adobe had given me a virgin drink because it tasted like strawberry snow cone solution. But with a few swirls of

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He Talks Purdy

I’m a sucker for an accent

Drew Lachey is really using his 15 minutes of fame since he won Dancing with the Stars a few seasons back. Not only is he hosting DANCE WAR dance war, (you have to whisper the second one) but he had the honor of introducing to America…or the 472 people who watch DANCE WAR dance war … to the next Bachelor! Meet Matt Grant. Here’s the 411: – 27-years-old – 6’5″

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