Duck calls, coyotes, Speedos…oh my

Wow. I didn’t even get a chance to catch my breath and have a week off for good behavior before the powers that be at ABC thrust us into Bachelorette bliss with DDAHnna and her 25 boy toys. They waste no time in reminding us how she was jilted at the Home Depot pedestal in the most shocking final rose ceremony in Bachelor history. To pour salt in this open,

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OPAH! DDAHnna’s back tonight!

Here’s what we know: 1. She’s 26 2. She’s Greek 3. She’s from Georgia and likes to play the Southern Belle card 4. She is strong and independent and will tell you where to stick it 5. She’s been shunned and wants to prove to America that she’s not a complete basket case Based on these facts, I would say that she would prefer someone that is tall, dark and

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I bet the Grants are so proud

Let’s discuss THIS, shall we?

A man and his monkey

Last night was the final Young Life Club for the year (in which I am a volunteer leader) and all I kept thinking about was how sad it was that the seniors were leaving, how annoyed I was that I’m on a “lifestyle change” diet and couldn’t eat any of Kristin’s homemade chocolate chip cookies and how anxious I was to see who Matty picked in this season’s finale of

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