A Message from Chris Harrison

Received this email from Chris Harrison: “Brad is really good and reps Texas well. We’ll both be stopping by Dancing with the Stars Monday night before the show to promote. Look forward to reading you blog on Tues… The best gift I could ever give you is a girl named Melissa…. enjoy!” Isn’t it just like our favorite host to provide us with such a wonderful morsel of information before

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Let’s See How I Do

ABC has posted the photos and a tidbit of information about our girls. Based on their appearance, age and job description, I will now predict six women whom I feel will not get cut the first night. Again…this is strictly superficial using the knowledge I’ve gained watching this blessed show for eleven seasons. Here we go! Bettina 27 Realtor California Pro: looks like the girl-next-door DeAnna 25 Realtor Georgia Pro:

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Oh my…

It’s going to be a good season!

Visual Proof

This is why I hate green beans.Look…even the one sad little carrot is trying to get away from them, sacrificing himself by touching the ham juice. (I’m at the hospital just hours after my dear friend Rebecca had her new baby girl…and this is what I take a picture of. I’m such a good friend.)