It’s coming…

Recap coming up momentarily. I’m still trying to recover from the tight camera shot of Kelly’s boobs.

Dinkin’ Flicka

The Office returns this Thursday! I heart Jim Halpert.

Recap: I sall the show last night. Did you?

So there I was on my way to Long Beach to begin another rig tour in California. Very much looking forward to enjoying the nice warm weather and taking a long wog (walk/jog) on the beach. We land and it’s 57 degrees. Guess who didn’t bring a jacket? I head out to my hotel pool to write this recap and there are two girls sunbathing. In this weather. I, in

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I’m going back to Cali. To Cali. To Cali.

I’m actually about to be on the plane, so the recap is going to be a very late today. I didn’t want you to think I forgot. Or that I’ve completely given up on the show even though baby talk Shayne got on my last nerve. Go ahead and visit amongst yourselves until I have time to write the recap. I’ll give you a topic: The Prince of Tides is

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