Remember the days?

Ahhhhh! Remember when you used to hang out on top of the Bentley with your friends in the middle of the street on the Upper East Side Manhattan and talk about clothes, parties, who’s dating and the latest scandal you just learned about via text message? Those were the days… Gossip Girl is back TONIGHT!

Recap: Snow bunnies? Try SNOW MONKEYS!

Sorry about that. Work totally got in the way of my recap today. What’s up with that? My friend Nancy Jane picked me up from the airport yesterday and was at my house when I began to make the nest for my Monday night ritual of Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars watching. [side note: thank you Jesus for TiVo] Anyway, I invited her to stay and watch. She was

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On deadline…

Back from NYC and on deadline. Recap coming later. Not that there was anything exciting last night to talk about except for the last 10 minutes. Or should I say 10 seconds. One word for you people… Nipples

A lot proud and a little ashamed

You people are AMAZING! As I write this post there are 62 fabulous comments on what music I should add to my iPod family. Way to go team! I’m so proud of your enthusiasm and great taste. Give yourself a pat on the back and feel free to take the rest of the day off! There were so many good lists. As I suspected, I do already own the majority

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