Bless Their Hearts

From the ABC press release announcing The Bachelor: “… two women sneak off to the kitchen to cook something special for Baldwin’s birthday bash; two more get into an alcohol-fueled argument; another challenges him to a push-up contest; an acrobatic suitor performs some back flips in an evening dress; and another belts out “The Star Spangled Banner.” This is too good to be true. Three days and counting…

Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

From the ABC website: ABC’S NEW BACHELOR IS TRULY AN OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN, NOT TO MENTION A DOCTOR AND A WORLD CLASS TRIATHLETE I’m calling it…he will have on his uniform, she’ll wear his hat and he’ll sweep her off her feet to the forgo card room. Twenty-five days…and counting!

Series Finale

Can I just say that the best part of last night was the little teaser ABC did for the next Bachelor? HELLO NAVY DOCTOR! That made the torturous series finale of Prince Lorenzo actually worth the two hours we had to sit through for him to pick between the vanilla milkshake and the vanilla milkshake. So many people asked me who I thought he would pick. The truth is that

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Some of the Women Tell All

Top 10 Moments of Women Tell All 1. Lisa: “I’m not as crazy as I appear to be.”2. Agnes: “If Lorenzo like Erica…please…don’t like me.”3. Jami: “You are such a bitch Erica. Dayum. 4. Erica: “I’m perfect the way I am, so I’m going to give myself a rose.”5. Chach: “I think it’s a cow’s penis.”6. Our Host Chris Harrison: “That was a terrible woody.”7. Erica: “Jami is loud, drinks

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