Hi. My name is Lincee and I’m a playlist-aholic.

I have an unhealthy addiction to my iPod. I am always making mixed tapes (CDs) for friends, thinking of fun themes that will bring the recipient happiness and joy for years and years to come. My latest creation, “Channeling My Inner Black Woman” consisted of Ella, Etta, Aretha, Tina, Whitney, Otis, Ray Charles and James Brown.

“Inner Black Woman…Or Man” just doesn’t roll of the tongue.

Below are my latest downloads and my reasoning for adding these songs to my iPod family:

Dashboard Confessionals: I have to thank my friend Blake for introducing me to this group. He gave me an entire CD of their live album and it has a permanent home in my acoustic playlist.

Poker Face and Bad Romance: Remember how I get on the pop culture band wagon about a year after the pop culture is relevant and/or popular? That’s how I am with Lady GaGa. I had convinced myself that I could care less about her music and took great pride in telling everyone in my inner circle that not only did I not own any of her songs, I also did not or ever plan to have Beiber Fever.

After seeing the Easy A trailer a few times, I kept wondering what that cute catchy song was at the end. Of course, it was “Poker Face.” And when Rachel and her Mom sang that darling tune around the piano on the GaGa episode of Glee, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and invite the good Lady to join my iPod.

Baby by Justin Beiber:  No comment.

Toxic: Speaking of Glee, how amazing was this rendition of Britney’s hit that I never cared about until now? It was stripped down and even had a showcase for our beloved Mr. Schuester. I can whole-heartedly relate to that girl in the stands when she confesses, “I want to have your babies!”

Did I write that out loud?

And here are the last songs rounding up the “recently added” section:

Highway to Hell—ACDC
I Can’t Drive 55—Sammy Hagar
Freeway of Love—Aretha Franklin
I Drove All Night—Celine Dion
Every Day is a Winding Road—Cheryl Crow
Hit the Road Jack—Ray Charles

That’s right people…ROAD TRIP!!!

The above will be added to what I already had in my road trip playlist:

Driving My Life Away—Eddie Rabbit
I Get Around—The Beach Boys
Fast Car—Tracy Chapman
Ragged As the Road—Reckless Kelly
King of the Road—Roger Miller
Ignition (get it?) – R. Kelly
Ease On Down the Road—Michael Jackson (as performed in The Wiz)
Life is a Highway—Rascal Flatts
You Drive Me Crazy—Britney Spears
Leavin’—Jesse McCartney
On the Road Again—Willie Nelson
The Long and Winding Road—The Beatles
Bye Bye—Jo Dee Mesina
End of the Road—Boyz II Men
Little Red Corvette—Prince
Highway Man—The Highway Men
I’ve Been Everywhere—Johnny Cash
Life in the Fast Lane—The Eagles
Cruisin’—Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow from that movie no one ever saw called Duets

Help a playlist-aholic out beaners! Is there something I’m missing? Let me know in the comments section. Road trip leaves this Friday!


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