IHGB Podcast #101: Twilight

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This love story series is all about romantic movies. I invited a few of my friends to help me dissect some of our favorite romcoms and the conversations were eye-opening.

For example, in this episode, Stephanie and I discuss Twilight.

I heard that. Some of your rolled your eyes. I get it. You wonder how we could put Kristen Stewart’s Bella in the same realm as romcom charmers (who will be featured later) like Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan.

I’ll tell you what I told Stephanie when I made her talk about this movie: IT WAS A LOVE STORY PHENOMENON.

You can’t deny that.

No matter what team you were on, whether it be Jacob or Edward’s (#TeamJacob), the world was left with one thing we can not deny.

Real men sparkle.


Do you remember the Twilight trailer?

Here’s the song “Never Think” by Robert Pattinson.

Twilight Trivia

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Enjoy the show!

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