IHGB Podcast #102: Can’t Buy Me Love

Are you enjoying the new series I started last week? It’s sponsored by my book “It’s a Love Story,” which is out on April 30, but available for pre-order now! And if you do pre-order, you’re going to get tons of fun bonuses that one one else receives. Click HERE for details.

This love story series is all about romantic movies. I invited a few of my friends to help me dissect some of our favorite romcoms and the conversations were eye-opening. In this episode, Todd and I discuss Can’t Buy Me Love.

This movie taught us that nerds and plastics can co-exist in the same universe, if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices. It taught us the meaning of rhododendrons. And most importantly, it helps us understand the elation one feels when performing an iconic ‘80s dance that is only rivaled by Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

The African Anteater Ritual!


Do you remember the Can’t Buy Me Love trailer?

Can’t Buy Me Love Trivia

Pre-Order bonuses for It’s a Love Story


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Enjoy the show!

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April 22, 2019 11:28 am

LOVED this podcast, Lincee! I don’t have a ton of time for podcasts, so I don’t listen to them very often, but am SO GLAD that I singled this one out to pack into my week! I love this film, and as I listened to you guys discussing as I drove my car I felt like I was hanging out with my two best friends from high school. So well done, you guys. I was inspired to watch it Friday night when I got home from work and made my 13-year-old daughter watch as well. She loved it, of course!… Read more »

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