IHGB Podcast #107: The Proposal

This week on my love story series, I’m discussing The Proposal with my rocket scientist / author friend Rebecca. That’s right. She’s both left brained and right brained. When Rebecca isn’t working at NASA or raising her kids, she’s writing sweet romances under the pen name Daphne Emmerson.

I’ve read all her books and knew immediately that she would be one who needed to give me her take on the world’s greatest love stories. I can understand why she picked The Proposal.

A. Sandra Bullock
B. Ryan Reynolds

The Proposal taught us many things, including certain circumstances we should watch out for. For example, Alaskan hawks can pick up tiny dogs if you’re not paying attention. Baby maker blankets have magical powers. And it is possible that you could be a guest in a bathroom that doesn’t have any towels. Plan accordingly.

Also, it might be a good idea to have a rap on standby should you find yourself chanting in the woods so you can be one with the universe. Maybe something a little more ladylike than lyrics that instruct one to “stop” and “just wiggle it.” 

Just kidding. Nothing is better than “Get Low” by Lil’ Jon. Roll with it.


Check out Rebecca’s books under the pen name Daphne Emmerson!
The Heart Revealed
The Heart Awakened
The Heart Protected

Here’s the trailer for The Proposal.

And here’s the chanting scene!


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Enjoy the show!

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