IHGB Podcast #133: The Sound of Music

It’s time for another “It’s a Love Story” episode and for some of you, this is a doozy. For others, you may be annoyed by all the laughing. And coughing. 

You see, when I invited Mama to join me again on the show, she insisted on talking about The Sound of Music even though I told her it was more of a musical than a romance.

Instead of disowning me for suggesting such a thing, Mama got sick about an hour before we recorded, but she still wanted to go on. So she invited my sister Jamie to join us. 

My mother hacks up a lung, my sister wheezes, and I sort of sing. What more could you want in a podcast? FYI: I’m going to apologize now for the cold open. But I won’t apologize for the closer. 

It’s one of my favorite things.


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8 months ago

This brings back great memories of when we did the musical in High School. My sister lucked out and got the part of Louisa (which I desperately wanted!), and I got the thrilling role of a party guest – I had to dance with a boy who was a full foot shorter than me, and had one whole line (or rather one word) – singing “Good-bye…” with the rest of the party guests at the end of “So Long, Farewell.” Sigh. Still – best time ever!!! I remember how the ENTIRE cast gathered to watch the first time that Rolf… Read more »

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