IHGB Podcast #140: Pretty in Pink

We are back to celebrate another romantic comedy in my “It’s a Love Story” series, sponsored by my book conveniently titled, “It’s a love story.” This is our ELEVENTH romcom, which is so awesome. And I don’t plan on retiring the series anytime soon. 

In this episode, comedian extraordinaire Kerri Pomarolli and I discuss the 1986 cult classic Pretty in Pink. This movie taught us that we should learn to sew, and how your earrings don’t have to match, and that flirting on a Commodore 64 is endearing. It taught us that Jon Cryer lip syncing Otis Redding withstands the test of time.

And most importantly, we learn that there are candy machines in the girls’ bathroom. 


Kerri is a force. She is a comic, speaker, actress, author, and screenwriter. She recently landed my dream job: WRITING FOR HALLMARK!

Her new book Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman just hit shelves, along with a devotional She Rises Late and Her Kids Make Her Breakfast. Visit Kerri’s website HERE to find out more about speaking engagements and comedy shows.


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