IHGB Podcast #147: Peter the Pilot Bachelor Bracket

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some fun news! I’m partnering with my new friends Amy and Scott over at Last Night’s Game to bring my listeners and readers our first ever Bachelor bracket! 

When searching for a source that breaks down sports in an easy to understand way, Amy and Scott couldn’t find anything, so they created it. I love that about them! They give you short, sweet, entertaining sports content that is delivered via a triweekly email publication and weekly podcast. And according to them, finding love on TV is a sport, too. 

I agree. The Bachelor is the Super Bowl of finding love. 

Each week, Some Guy and I will cross our fingers and assign roses to the ladies who may have a future with our Bachelor. We would love for y’all to play along! And because we are so nice, we’ve recorded another episode about this season’s ladies to help you fill out your bracket. This one includes all of the dirt we received from official ABC bios and Our Host Chris Harrison’s insight. 

You can find bracket links (HERE), in the show notes below, or in my Instagram profile. Who knows? There may be some super cool prizes at the end of Peter’s journey to find love! 

I’m talking about the end of our bracket journey — not Peter’s journey. I’m pretty sure our Bachelor’s super cool prize more than likely ends with a prescription for penicillin. 

Follow along and GOOD LUCK!


Click HERE for the official Peter the Pilot Bachelor Bracket!

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Kathy Wheeler
Kathy Wheeler

So no big anymore?

Kathy Wheeler
Kathy Wheeler

I meant no BLOG anymore??


So devastating. 🙁


Is there really no blog????! I can’t listen to podcasts!! I’ve been reading for years and years. So sad!!!!

Josie R
Josie R

I am so disappointed that there won’t be any more blog! It was the highlight of my week. Lincee, you write better than anyone I know and your descriptions of EVERYTHING were absolutely SPOT ON! I will really miss this blog. I don’t listen to podcasts so I won’t get to enjoy your humorous take on The Bachelor and DWTS. So sad!