IHGB Podcast #148: The Beast is Back

Week 1 of Peter the Pilot’s Bachelor journey was jam packed, am I right? Not only did we witness some cringe-worthy icebreakers as a handful of women embarrassed themselves on the freshly-sprayed mansion driveway, but we had the privilege of witnessing Peter make out with half the cast during the cocktail party.

Eight women were sent home on night one. Of these were all three flight attendants, a desperate woman with hairless cat photo and another with a diary cow named Ashley P.

Never fear, dear reader. Anyone who displayed her boobs loud and proud, or showed even a hint of crazy was immediately gifted a long-stemmed red rose and a ticket to lay around a pool in her bikini for the foreseeable future. 

Also, Hannah Brown has returned. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss if this is a stunt driven by producers or if Hannah is suffering from FOMO. Now that she won the Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy, her 15 minutes of fame is dwindling and the only chance she has to remain the ABC darling is to romantically pursue her number three choice. 

Will she stay? Will she go? Will the women find out that Peter is head-over-heels in love with this woman and therefore, forgo their chances to become social media influencers? 

Fasten your seatbelts, people. The Beast is back. And she’s wielding her power at every turn. And at every windmill. 


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Some Guy in Austin mentions a “squishy” situation he was once in and I’ve linked that glorious story for you because I’m awesome.


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