IHGB Podcast #149: Champagnegate

Here we are at Week 2 of Peter the Pilot’s Bachelor journey to find love and we already have a gate. CHAMPAGNEGATE. 

It was the popped cork heard around the world and the unfortunate GIF of Kelsey that will never die. 

This week Some Guy in Austin and I carefully choose our jet setters, first class upgrades, and the ones who need to check their emotional baggage. 

I’d like to warn you that this episode is full of puns. As a former world famous jungle cruise skipper, I’d ask that you respect the craft. There’s also a lovely surprise at the very very very end if the show. I’m calling it: A Moment With Mama. 

Fasten your seatbelts, people. We’re serving stolen champagne and it might get bumpy.


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I love mama’s thoughts!!! She needs to be a guest on your podcast sometime!!!


Peter lacks character.

He let Hannah take the hit from Kelsey when he was the one who suggested he and Hannah open the champagne. A true gentleman, would have acknowledged his part in the champagnegate and acknowledge the mistake he made, rather than cowering behind Hannah Ann.

That was some first rate cowardly behavior on his part.