IHGB Podcast #150: PILLOW FIGHT!

Good news! Peter the Pilot is in love with twelve women. Isn’t that fabulous? Typically Some Guy in Austin and I don’t have the “can you be in love with multiple women at the same time” conversation in week 3, but Peter is not your typical guy. Enjoy!


If you’d like to read Peter’s week 3 recap, I’ve got it right HERE!

And if you’d like to participate in our joint bracket with Last Night’s Game, click HERE for the official Peter the Pilot Bachelor Bracket!


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Dena Gresh

Cleveland it is! My 16 year old son yelled at me because I didn’t recognize the Browns stadium (in the 1 second clip). Maybe Baker and his wife (newlyweds) are going to talk to them about love. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was shown too. Can you offer a PG and R versions? I want to hear all of Some Guys dirty jokes/nasty comments!!


I hear good things about the Cleveland. (Quote from Finding Dory that immediately came to me when I heard that!)
PS. Y’all are so awesome. This was a great podcast episode!


Love the recaps-you and Some Guy In Austin are the best. I agree with the comment of a PG and R rated version…need Some Guys muted commentary. Thanks for the laughs