IHGB Podcast #153: Oscar 2020 Recap

Last night my friend Todd and I watched all thirteen hours of the 2020 Oscars so we could bring you the latest greatest news as viewed by the Academy. We have lots of thoughts that we’ll share with you, including which movies you need to see and which movies you need to skip.

We focus on the nine films nominated for Best Motion Picture. You can watch the trailers below!



Ford v. Ferrari


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


The Irishman

Little Women

Jojo Rabbit

Marriage Story


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Hi Lincee, as longtime fans of your Bachelor podcasts, my husband and I wanted to comment on 2 things you said in this Oscars recap. The first is your comment that Joaquin Phoenix’s speech became “awkward and weird” when he talked about the horrors of the dairy industry–specifically, the practice of artificially inseminating cows, killing their newborn calves for veal, and stealing their breast milk for our own consumption. (Those are simply facts of how the dairy industry works; I grew up in a farming community and can attest to this.) Those comments weren’t awkward or weird–or at least, they shouldn’t have been for anyone who knows anything about Joaquin Phoenix. He’s a lifelong animal rights activist and has been a vegan for over 40 years. You can read more about his story here: https://mercyforanimals.org/heres-what-inspired-joaquin-phoenix-to-go. Also, the Golden Globes went plant-based this year as an acknowledgement of the fact that the meat and dairy industries are major contributors to the climate crisis, and Joaquin Phoenix made a similar speech at that awards ceremony, so if anyone saw that speech this one would not be a surprise at all. Hollywood has a long history of actors using their awards acceptance speeches to draw attention to issues they personally care about, and I think they have every right to use that spotlight and microphone to do so. As he said in his speech, humanity is at its best when “we use love and compassion as our guiding principles, and we can create, develop and implement systems of change that are beneficial to all sentient beings and to the environment.” Nothing awkward or weird to me about a call to compassion and an openness to change! The other comment you made that caused us to raise an eyebrow was about being averse to foreign language movies with subtitles. Why?! There are SO many amazing, profound, life-changing films being made around the world in other languages. If you can read English, you can easily enjoy foreign movies with subtitles. I really hope you’ll be more open-minded about it, starting perhaps with Parasite. Your friend Todd was right to say that it is absolutely an incredible film: funny, shocking, disturbing, and wickedly smart. I think it’s a privilege in this day and age to be able to enjoy films from around the world with the magic of subtitles. Please give it a try!