IHGB Podcast #154: Peter’s Picks

Not a whole heck of a lot happened during last night’s episode other than Natasha finally getting a one-on-one, Kelley stepping into annoying villain territory, and Peter finally getting his Band-Aid off his head wound.

But that doesn’t stop Some Guy in Austin and I from discussing Peter’s final four. We dive deep and right before my VERY POPULAR “Moment with Mama” segment, we go off the rails on a tangent that involves a “concert” at a Fingers Furniture store here in Houston by a guy affectionately known on the IHGB website as He Who Must Not Be Named. 

I realized after editing that we never mentioned the artists’ name. I’d like for you to know that it was on purpose and I don’t intend on mentioning it now, either. 

In fact, I’m pretty proud that we’ve kept this up an entire decade. 

But you can read about that night below! Enjoy!


The night I met He Who Must Not Be Named

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How has it been 10 years???


I just want to slap this guy and tell him to grow up. His penchant for drama and tearful, immature women only emphasizes his own weakness and immaturity. I think, at this point, even Hannah Brown must realize she dodged a bullet with this wimp.