IHGB Podcast #156: My Heart Will Go On

First off, I’d like to make a correction. During Moments with Mama, which is at the very very end of all my bachelor podcasts, Mother on more than one occasion borrows the term Fantasy Land. Using contest clues she either means the fantasy suite date or the actual fantasy suite. At one point we get a Fantasy Island.

I feel it’s necessary to disclaim that this recap is in no way affiliated with the Disney corporation or Ricardo Montalbán. It was past her bedtime and I think we should all agree just to roll with the flow.

Like Hannah Ann seems to be doing. And Victoria. 

Madison? Not so much.

Some Guy in Austin and I break down the conversations, the pauses, the tears, the voice infliction, the “likes” and all the idiosyncrasies of the episode. 

Thank you for, like, joining us each week. It’s, like, our pleasure to like, bring you all of the, like, details of the like show. We like, love doing it. 

It’s like super impore-ant y’all know that. 


If you’d like to read Peter’s fantasy suites recap, I’ve got it right HERE!

Some Guy talks about the new “hit” show Flirty Dancing on FOX. I’d never heard of it. But now that I have, I’m a happy camper.

And if you’d like to participate in our joint bracket with Last Night’s Game, click HERE for the official Peter the Pilot Bachelor Bracket!


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March 3, 2020 10:58 am

First I want to say that I LOVE your Mom’s recaps!

When y’all started talking about the kits that are supplied at hotels it reminded me of the first time I saw one of those. The hotel called it a “Shag bag” and my sweet naive friend called the front desk and asked what it was. I suppose I should have stopped her but her reaction was so funny and I’m sure the front desk people had a good laugh!

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