IHGB Podcast #160: Dirty Dancing

We are back to celebrate another romantic comedy in our “It’s a Love Story” series, sponsored by my book conveniently titled, It’s a Love Story. You can find it wherever books are sold!

Anytime I get Mama and my sister together, you know there’s going to be a bunch of laughing. Especially when you’re talking about a movie that has “dirty” in the title. 

We are a family of dancers, so you can imagine when this movie’s trailer entered our lives, we were hooked. Dirty Dancing taught us to ignore all signs that read “no guests allowed.” We learned that dance moves sometimes tickle, the best place to practice lifts is in the water, and no one puts Baby in a corner. 

But most importantly, we learned to always carry a watermelon. It could lead to great things. 



Mama, Jamie, and I talked about the Sound of Music in our first joint podcast. Hilarity ensued.

Here’s Mama’s favorite Dirty Dancing scene. The FINAL scene!

Here’s Jamie’s favorite Dirty Dancing scene. The DIRTY scene!

Here’s my favorite Dirty Dancing scene. The SHE HAS NO SPINE scene!

We believe you should LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK! So good.

Did you know Jennifer Grey had a new nose?

Please, please, please do not watch the TV remake. Instead, read about it HERE and thank me later for saving you from certain heartburn.


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3 months ago

Your podcast was fantastic Lincee! I was laughing and singing along with the songs with Jamie and your Mama. I re-watched DD tonight after wondering what to watch on Netflix. It had been decades! Seeing what you had podcasted motivated me to watch the movie after all this time. When it came out, my mom and aunties were cackling and fanning themselves over Johnny Castle because we all love dancing in my family and they loved a man who could dance and lead a woman. I was a teen at that time and my best friend and I watched the… Read more »

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