IHGB #163: TV Doctors

It’s day question mark of sheltering in place and most of you have reached a point in this journey where cooking is no longer fun, love ones are no longer adorable, and the Netflix “to watch” list is running dangerously low.

I am pretty lucky. 

I don’t cook, which means all I have to do is make sure there are enough cans of Pringles and Dr Pepper in the cupboard to last me for a few weeks. I also dove in head first to Schitt’s Creek and have at least a few more precious hours to spend with the Rose family before I have to binge something else.

And, I have a pretty cool roommate who took time out of her busy, lawyering schedule to diligently research hot doctors in medical dramas.

Never fear, dear listener. We have a list. And that list is long.

This episode goes out to the tired nurses, the exhausted doctors, the weary EMT teams, the brave testing technicians, the relentless research scientists, the hard-working adiminstrative and janitorial staffs, and anyone else who works in the medical field.

We love you. Stay strong. 


Lara’s Picks:
Dr. Will Halstead of Chicago Med
Dr. Max Goodwin of New Amsterdam

Lincee’s Picks:
Dr. Conrad Hawkins of The Resident
Dr. Jackson Avery of Grey’s Anatomy


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