IHGB #165: Listen To Your Gut

Even though Listen To Your Heart has a musical component, we have to remember that it is first and foremost a show about LOVE. And hearts. And listening to those hearts. 

But Some Guy in Austin and take our job very seriously and insist on discussing more than who has the best duet and whose relationship is going to make it. In this episode, we instead discuss important details like:

Who does Brandon look like?

Why is Rudi wearing a chartreuse sweatsuit that makes her look like a homeless glow stick?

And how Natascha reminded Some Guy of an alien eating her prey. 

But most importantly, we debate the age of one man’s toupee and ask each the deepest of questions . . . Does a hair piece have an expiration date? 


If you’d like to read the week two recap, I’ve got it right HERE!

Trevor and Jamie’s song: “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town

You knew what I was talking about when I mentioned Music and Lyrics, right?

Sherds and Jules’ song: “The Bones” by Maren Morris

The Dresden

Brandon and Savannah’s song: “Fever” live by Mr. Bublé

Many of us weren’t born yet, so it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t know the V Mini Series from 1983. (Spoiler: SGIA and I were both born in the ’70s, so…)


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