I Hate Green Beans Podcast 19: Favorite Bachelor

It’s episode 19 of the I Hate Greens Beans podcast and Some Guy in Austin and I are taking walk down Memory Lane. We rank the men on The Bachelor!

Well, it’s more like an aggressive hike, because we talk about past bachelors from the beloved reality show on ABC. Did you know there have been twenty-one men who have willingly taken a journey to find love? That’s a lot of seasons!

We debate our favorite bachelor, our not so favorite bachelor, and memorable moments from past years.

I talk about the girl who dressed like Peaches-N-Cream Barbie.

We also discuss Courtney Robertson’s book.

Remember that time I interviewed Groban in Los Angeles…when he didn’t want to talk to anyone…

And SGIA’s favorite season he loves to hate — poor, unfortunate Jake Pavelka.

I hope you enjoy the show!



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