IHGB #204 Bachelor Matt James: Women Tell All

Hello everyone !

As with most Women Tell All episodes, I prepared myself for a night full of ruffled feathers and consuming a stiff drink in anticipation of a long episode that could easily have been culled to twenty-five minutes of important information.

What I didn’t expect was the power to go out for three hours, forcing me to retreat to the only other person in my life who still has regular television and a DVR. 

I want to thank Todd for being a delightful backup. You are the wind beneath my wings, and as a result, I was able to have a decent conversation with Some Guy in Austin about some very important questions. Such as:

  • Could you feel the weird vibe rolling off of all the rejects who returned for Women Tell All? 
  • Does Abigail get dressed in the morning with the help of cartoon woodland creatures?
  • Is Cinderella the best of all the Disney princesses? 
  • Is it creepy to make out with someone with your eyes wide open the entire time?
  • Are the glistening whiskers on Matt James’ face the telltale sign of a breakup beard?

Not only do we answer these questions, but Some Guy in Austin and I also share our own stories of bad breakup mistakes. For Some Guy, it was a gargantuan tattoo. For me, it was dying my hair brunette.

I looked like an evil twin version of myself. 


Here’s Matt James’ Women Tell All recap!

And here’s the link to our official Bachelorette Bracket we are playing with my favorite sports podcast, Last Night’s Game. I can’t wait!!!


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Wesley W
Wesley W
March 9, 2021 12:32 pm

Lincee & Some Guy in Austin – I have loved your recaps and podcast for years and write this comment with total support for you both. I can tell you do this for the true joy of it and i’ve LOVED reading the blog and listening to your jokes and feedback after each episode of one of my favorite guilty pleasures. That said, Some Guy In Austin’s comment on the Women Tell All’s podcast saying Brittany “fell on her face” when supporting those in the sex work industry stopped me in my tracks today walking down the street…I actually rewound… Read more »

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