IHGB Podcast 43: Pop Culture Slam Dunks

Now that Bachelor Arie found love, proposed, changed his mind, said JUST KIDDING on national television, bought a ring for number two, proposed to her (also on national television), and is off cashing in his fifteen minutes of fame, I’ll be focusing on other pop culture related episodes of the podcast.

I know those of you who don’t watch The Bachelor are virtually high-fiving me right now!

In celebration of March Madness, my roommate Lara and I discus our SLAM DUNKS of the last year when it comes to pop culture topics. We also give examples of “around the rim” and AIR BALL moments. And there’s a recurring poll of “Who would you date?” The answers vary, depending on the topic, but I always lean heavy in the direction of King Arthur.

Charlie Hunnam

I think my motives are clear.


Here’s a link to Thomas Rhett’s new album and The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Don’t know what we’re talking about when we discuss Janet Jacket and JT’s 2004 halftime show? Watch HERE and thank you YouTube!

We love The Popcast!

I’ve linked to this so many times, that it’s a bookmark on my computer. The Home Again kitchen scene. You’re welcome.

Here’s my review of the book “Still Me.”

And if you want to hear more with Lara, you can listen to our Love Story, Fall TV, Taylor Swift, or Justin Timberlake podcasts! (follow the highlighted text)


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Enjoy the show!

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2 years ago

I totally agree with Lara. Downsizing was TERRIBLE! 2 hours of my life I’ll never, ever, ever get back!

2 years ago

Lara, I have never seen Star Wars either! Everyone thinks I’m crazy.

2 years ago

I have just started watching West Wing recently, too, and love it!

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