IHGB Podcast 46: Dancing in Movies

I understand that this podcast title may be confusing. Let me explain:

When listener Kara suggested this topic, I was validated because I’ve been circling it for a while. However I didn’t just want to do dance movies because most of my favorite dance movies are musicals. And I already did a podcast on musicals. (It was wonderful, by the way. You should listen!)

But in Kara’s email to me, she phrased her suggestion as “dance scenes in movies.”

It all clicked. I sashayed over to my phone, called my sister, and we had a solid list in five minutes. Some are dance movies, some are musicals, and others are just fun dance scenes from movies. Brilliant! My brain no longer hurts! Thank you Kara!

Fair warning: We are unconventional and old. That’s code for WISE. Watch these dance movies and forever be changed!


Jamie’s picks:

Time Warp” — Rocky Horror Picture Show

You Should Be Dancing” — Saturday Night Fever

Make ‘Em Laugh” — Singin’ in the Rain

We Got Annie” — Annie

Final DanceStrictly Ballroom

Lincee’s picks:

Canned Heat” — Napoleon Dynamite

Salsa ClubDance With Me

“Cell Block Tango” — Chicago

Love Man” — Dirty Dancing

African Anteater Ritual” — Can’t Buy Me Love


Spell Block Tango” Spoof (Disney Villains)

ABC’s live version of Dirty Dancing (bless it)

Crazy, Stupid, Love — Dirty Dancing scene (hello Ryan!)
** Warning: BAD WORD IN CLIP! **


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Enjoy the show!

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2 years ago

yay!!!!! This postcast was awesome! It was so much fun to hear you and your sister discuss your favorite dance scenes from movies. I love the African Anteater Ritual dance from Can’t Buy Me Love! It’s a classic. And I didn’t know all those extra details about Dance With Me! That movie is a classic! I must admit, my favs are your “honorable mentionables that didn’t make the cut. My #1 is from Center Stage…I love her red ballet shoes like you mentioned on the podcast. I want some for me. Yes, please! I always want to dance when I… Read more »

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