IHGB Podcast 50: Q&A with Mama

Well, it’s finally happened. It took almost a year, but I finally got Mama to sit down for a chat.

The purpose was to answer some of the listeners or readers’ questions. The result was a long, oh so long interview because the woman could have a sparkling conversation with a brick wall and have a ball doing it.

Things to note:

Mama talks with her hands, so you’ll hear hear accidentally hitting the microphone every once in a while.

You’ll hear Daddy watching TV in the background if you listen hard enough.

You’ll hear birds outisde the window occasionally.

And you’ll learn a lot about the woman who taught me everything I know.

Of course I’ve taught her a few things too — like a love of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake.

You’re welcome, Mama.


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Enjoy the show!


2 Comments on "IHGB Podcast 50: Q&A with Mama"

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Love this podcast so much! Thanks for sharing your mama with us!

King Amy
King Amy

Mama’s dinner party tips are perfect. Per. Fect.