IHGB Podcast 58: Bachelorette Becca Week 5 and BIP Season 5 Cast

Hey! Before you click that button down there to listen to the Bachelorette Becca recap, make sure to check out my summer book post!  I need your favorite books in the comment section because I’m compiling a list and I’m going to get it to you for free! I’ve done this four times and trust y’all COMPLETELY.  Do you know who I was introduced to from this list?

Jamie Fraser.

And Katniss Everdeen.

I’m not above the YA novels. Send them my way.

Okay, let’s talk Vegas since it’s the perfect place to fall in love. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss Wayne Newton. Or the wax figure known as Wayne Newton in great detail. We dissect Chris’ deep dive into his Crazy Eddie character and power through the two-on-one date. We also talk BIP season 5 cast. Who are we most excited about?


Fingers crossed he’s not a complete chach!


Some Guy tells a Lady GaGa joke. Which leads me to Lady GaGa in A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper.

Do you need a list of Vegas-themed movies? Here you go!

“Who is Wayne Newton” was a top search on Google Monday night. This is how most of you know him

We also talk about the woven belt craze of the 90s.

Some Guy also compared his high school self to Ren McCormack. I’m still in shock.

The Bachelor in Paradise cast for season 5 has been announced!

And if you want to read the full recap of the show, click HERE!



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Enjoy the show!


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Lincee! You and Some Guy were so proud of yourselves but you’re wrong about Chelsea – she was definitely on Arie’s season and I didn’t think she was nutso crazy, she’s a single mom and had a 1-on-1, made it decently far before being sent home sans drama. This was such a fun ep to listen to though, thanks for doing double duty!


Love, love, love you guys! Y’all had one slip up though and it’s that Chelsea is from Arie’s season. She’s a reasonable single mom. Y’all mixed her up with Olivia, the big mouth anchor from Ben Higgins season.


I don’t know–Chelsea had a certain amount of cray cray. I do remember her, but I thought she started talking about her ‘husband’ Arie from about week 1.


Yeah, the first 2 episodes I think she was getting the villain edit reminiscent of Courtney, and she was self aware enough to realize it and stopped going off in ITMs, or the staff just realized that Krystal and her nodes were way better villain material.


The Farmer left Ashley I and that crazy girl in the Badlands in South Dakota, didn’t he? The bed was CERTAINLY the same!


Yes, it was the badlands. Equally inhospitable!

Karen S
Karen S

Astrid ended up being one of Rachel’s best friends. She won the track date and had a very unfortunate pick of undergarments in that date, haha. She made it decently far. I think she’s originally from somewhere in Europe. I liked her!


Lincee! I’m so excited! You gave me a shoutout! I’m dying!


I thought Wells was dating Sarah Hyland! Wha happened??