IHGB Podcast 60: Bachelorette Becca Week 7

Week 7 in Becca’s journey to find love takes us to the Bahamas. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss all sorts of factoids about these little islands. We make a bet that involves romphimsI giggle for way too long about the Dierks Bentley song “I Hold On.”

We even manage to talk about four somewhat stable dates and who we think Becca will ditch next week after hometowns.

And in with tradition of us forgetting things, we manage to totally botch the location of these hometown dates. For example, we think Jason will take Becca to Chicago. It’s actually Buffalo.

Chicago is where Grocery Store Joe is from. How could I mix those two up?



Culture Trip offers eleven reasons why you should visit the Bahamas. Conch diving is one of them! Remember…chew it like gum.

Here’s a link to the model who was bitten by the shark in the Bahamas.

Have you been wondering what the Baha Men have been up to in the last eighteen years? Me too. It appears they’ve been a little too busy to update their website with national appearances on popular reality shows, but that’s okay.

Click here to listen to “I Hold On.” Some Guy in Austin likes to make fun of it. He’s ridiculous if he thinks these lyrics aren’t anything but wonderful.



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Enjoy the show!


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Y’all are so funny. I’m sitting in my office laugh/crying listening to this episode.

And by the way, I hope Pitbull isn’t on anything–I get enough of him with my Zumba instructor monthly music and choreography.


Wow, the model story… she should date Jordan if he doesn’t find true love in BIP. Fyi Pitbull is playing our county fair next week in central California. Garth played last year, we’ve gone downhill. Can’t wait to see Some Guy rock the romphim!!


Lincee, I’ve been a long time fan (since the days when my Baylor sorority sisters and I used to have Pavelka viewing parties after chapter meeting and discuss your recaps the next day- sic ’em!) and up until now a lurker, but I just had to comment to say your commentary re: “Look! It’s the band Train!” had me DYING with laughter. Like, so funny I had to tell myself to keep my eyes open from all the laugh/crying to see the road. Anyway, now that I’ve finally commented hopefully I’ll be less of a lurker and more of a participator. Just know that I truly appreciate your posts, podcasts, humor and charm every week and have for some time now.


I’m a Baylor sorority girl, too. We love this Bach stuff –takes us out of our heads!

Katie L.
Katie L.

And we all know by now that “getting in your head” is a very bad thing!