IHGB Podcast #68: Summer Movie Review

Hey y’all!

Now that school has started and those of us who live in Texas are praying to the good Lord for something below triple digit temperatures, I thought it would be a good time for a summer movie review. My friend Todd and I are movie goers and in this episode, we discuss our latest, greatest, favorites. Some are still in theaters, so you have time to go see them and others are well on their way to a digital renting platform because they were TERRIBLE.

I’m looking at you, A Wrinkle in Time.

Full disclosure: I do not blame the very handsome Chris Pine for this very bad movie.

You, Chris Pine, can do no wrong. Call me.


The meat of this episode comes from the top 15 movies according to Box Office Mojo.

Two of our favorite movies are Avengers: Infinity War and Solo. You can listen to an episode entirely dedicated to these movies by clicking HERE and HERE.

Todd’s number one movie of the summer is Mission Impossible: Fallout. Did you know that Tom Cruise broke his ankle filming? Watch Jimmy Fallon try to figure out which scene.

Sweet, terrible, delightful Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again was lacking in the soundtrack department. But there was one stellar moment that made me STAND UP. Can you guess before you listen?

And finally, Todd suggested we listen to the Deadpool 2 soundtrack because it’s worth our time. Instead of linking directly, I took out all of the explicit tracks and made a Spotify playlist of this legit lineup. Check it out!



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Enjoy the show!

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1 year ago

Lincee, If you love Jimmy Fallon as much as I do, try Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, with Jerry Seinfeld. He’s the only guest that has a “to be continued” episode, so you get two for the price of one. Check it out–you will love Jimmy even more.

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