IHGB Podcast #69: Colton is the new Bachelor and BIP Episode 8-9

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m not going to waste any time with an introduction because between the last two nights of Bachelor in Paradise, we  have a lot to discuss.

Colton is the new Bachelor.

Annaliese is the picture of desperation.

And Shushanna is clearly a witch.

Totally a Slytherin if you ask me. ACCIO EPISODE!


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Enjoy the show!


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Great podcast, just the right amount of funny commentary, opinions, and personal stories. I was a little shocked that no one picked up on Jenna’s mini snark re: Ashley eyelashes. “This shows that if you really want something (pause) and pursue it relentlessly for MANY years, you’ll get it.”


I was laughing out loud several times during this podcast. Really enjoyed it! SGIA, sometimes your comments, in particular, really give me the giggles. (I love hearing the male perspective.) And Lincee, thanks for the comments about Ashley walking awkwardly on the sand in her high heels. I noticed that right away, too. She should have taken the high heels off, walked barefoot and carried the high heels by their straps in her hand, like a model. (Jordan should have advised her beforehand–I’m sure he would have recommended this.)

Christa Selvey
Christa Selvey

Lincee, I think I just saw Eric Bigger on the new Safe Auto commercial playing basketball. Weird.

Also, I don’t remember which episode of your podcast it was, but when you said Krystal lays on her stomach and presents her butt like a baboon, I laughed SO hard! Good job, as always!