IHGB Podcast #70: Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Finale and BREAKING NEWS!

Happy Bachelor in Paradise season finale everyone!

I wanted to thank y’all for tuning in during the Bachelor podcast episodes. This show is where everything started and I absolutely love talking about it with friends. But I do want to make sure you tune in for the rest of the year! I’ll host many different guests, discussing all sorts of pop culture topics NOT related to The Bachelor. We’ve got some great stuff planned for the fall. You’re going to love it!

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard that there were multiple breaking news items between the time Our Host Chris Harrison signed off during last night’s episode and the wee hours of this morning. We had an arrest, a pregnancy announcement, and a break-up!

Naturally all of these come with conspiracy theories, so Some Guy in Austin and I break each one down. And we throw in a little Outlander and Poldark to make things interesting. Because you can’t go wrong with Jamie Frasier or Ross Poldark. I don’t care what Some Guy says.

They are soooo pretty.


Click HERE and HERE for my recaps on the finale, parts 1 and 2.

I’ve included links to all the breaking news, too. Here’s the arrest. Here’s the pregnancy. And here’s the break-up!

We go down a Florida Georgia Line tangent, thanks to this announcement in the country music category.

Did you hear Grocery Store Joe is going to be on Dancing with the Stars? And his partner is Jenna!


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Enjoy the show!


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Why is Derek Hough your least favorite? I can’t say I disagree, but I am curious about your reasons. And does that mean you don’t like World of Dance since he’s a super annoying judge?


There is an interview between Jordan and Reality Bif on his website. I don’t normally go there, but it was good to listen to. The reality guy heard about it before Jordan did and he reached out to Jordan, so that he wouldn’t be blindsided. Reality guy also showed Jordan the other information that he had and it all sounded very believable. I don’t normally like the reality guy, but he handled it all pretty well.

Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl

Love y’all! Thanks for the laughs this season!


Wait, was Some Guy signing off for good? Or just for the season? Because if it was for good, I am NOT okay with that!!!!!! Some Guy! Some Guy! Some Guy! I love both of your blogs (well, loved his, since he let it go), but together, you guys synergize the hell out of a recap!