IHGB Podcast #95: Bachelor Colton Hometown Dates Recap

It’s hometown week for Cole’n and he is on the struggle bus. Does he pick the girl who makes him break his bread into tiny little bits? Or the one who drinks strawberry wine? How about the one who shoves him out of an airplane? Or the one whose Daddy does not give his consent?

Some Guy in Austin and I answer these questions and discuss the rose ceremony that had fans issuing forth a strong “oooohhhhhhhhh” after a certain name was called and a “nope” after a whispered, “GET ENGAGED.”

I am not a fan. 


Colton wears a black leather jacket. Which means he’s a bad boy. But it’s also very delicate. Because even bad boys have a soft side as represented in one of the best compilation CDs of all time. Monster Ballads.

Strawberry Wine. Great song. Horrible message.

Need help in the etiquette department like Cole’n? Don’t worry. I’ve got the website for you.


My friend Bethany Turner has a book coming out in May. It’s called Wooing Cadie McCaffrey. If you like binging romantic comedies on Netflix, you will LOVE her!

One of our very own long-time IHGB readers, Emma St Clair, wrote a romance novel based on a reality show just like The Bachelor and it is killing it on Amazon. It’s called The Billionaire Love Match and it couldn’t be more delightful. You’re not going to find any fantasy suites, but you will find all the characters endearing. Especially the sassy female lead who wears boots!


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Enjoy the show!


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Hannah small face. Lol. I die.

Mom of Daughters
Mom of Daughters

My husband had the best phone convos …. Is “girl” home? NO. Do you know where she is? YES Big silence. LOL

Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl

Love listening to y’all….laugh out loud funny…..
And “nope” to having any kind of food or drink shoved into your face! Huge turn-off!!!

Kim Z
Kim Z

Love this podcast! My prediction for Colton jumping the fence: Cassie will finally admit that she never expected to get this far and will tap out. He will be blindsided and betrayed and he will just try to escape. BOOM. Would love to hear other people’s predictions.


OMG I did not hear you talk about this. Did you see this? http://www.eonline.com/watch/hollywood-medium-with-tyler-henry/full-episode/hollywood-medium-221/1445667395626
29 min
Don’t think he’s ever looked better.
I bet you have a million messages about it.


Your podcast is so funny. I’ve even been listening to episodes from old bachelor seasons and still think it’s funny. The only thing I wish is that I could hear what you all say when you cover it up with a song. I know you probably have to cover it to keep it clean, but I feel like I’m missing out on something (probably really funny)! Lol!!