I Hate Green Beans Podcast 15: Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Finale

Can you believe we’ve reached the finale of Bachelor in Paradise? It seems like just yesterday we were shutting down and speculating what happened in a certain hot tub. And now here we are with a newly engaged couple on our hands, proving that the BIP franchise is as successful as successful can be.

Some Guy in Austin and I break down the entire finale for you. We talk about couples, one dramatic love triangle, and how we never want to be on the show Naked and Afraid. There’s also a charming tangent showcasing Elsa and her Frozen friends.


PS: If you haven’t read the recap yet, you can find it here. Have fun!


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I felt sorry for Jack Stone for being completely off about Christen’s feelings for him but not at all sorry for Robby who has always seemed kind of skeezy to me.

I listen to Ashley I’s podcast with Ben and one with her sister and producer friend Naz. She seems very self aware and listening to her podcasts and reading her recaps on Cosmopolitan made me like her far more than when I had just seen her on BIP (I didn’t watch her season with Chris Soules). She is still a virgin and she and Christen talked about how annoying it is that men did make a big deal of it and didn’t want to date them on one of their episodes. And Ben and Ashley have said they plan to continue their show with other non Bachelor related topics.

I have definitely enjoyed listening to Some Guy in Austin talking with you Lincee! I have been reading your blog since Kaitlyn’s season and it’s always a highlight of my day. I can’t wait to read your book!


Love, love your podcasts with SGA, so fun listening to them. Finale was very ho hum and no big deal. BIP is still my guilty pleasure


This was not my favorite BIP. I thought the contestants were meaner to each other this season than in previous seasons. The scallop fingers bit was taken too far in my opinion, even though Christen was a fairly good sport about it. And Alexis (Sholfin) pushed the limit too far when she was putting food in Jack Stone’s mouth while he was blindfolded and she was trying to put a rotting crab off the beach into his mouth. That was so gross, nasty and flat-out mean. I hope she has an excuse of having had one too many Margaritas which clouded her judgement and that she is not normally that mean to people.

I was so sick of the repeated discussions re: Corrine and Demario. I will be very happy if I never see Corrine’s face on TV again.

Nevertheless, I’m still sad that BIP is over. I’m sad because it means no more Bach discussions by Lincee and SGIA until the next season. The two of you really crack me up. SGIA–I love hearing your comments representing the male perspective. I’m so glad the two of you decided to do a podcast. (It’s the first one I’ve ever listened to, and right now, the only one.) So thank you for making this BIP more enjoyable with your recaps and podcasts. I honestly love them more than the show itself. (But I have to watch the show so I’ll understand all the jokes, etc.)