I Hate Green Beans Podcast 12: Bachelor in Paradise Episodes 3 and 4

On the twelfth episode of the iHateGreenBeans podcast, Some Guy in Austin and I discuss the Demario and Corinne scandal. As a lawyer, Some Guy has some interesting thoughts on the topic. We also talk about how the arrival of D-Lo and Sarah shook up the entire dynamic of the group. And finally, we debate on proper half-birthday etiquette.

(Spoiler: That’s not a thing)

Enjoy the show!

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3 years ago

Since my birthday (June 29) and my brother’s birthday (December 29) are exactly six months apart, we always celebrated half birthdays growing up. I got a cupcake on his birthday and vice versa. I think more people should celebrate half birthdays.

I think when Raven said “I’m done” it meant she was done because no one else would give her a rose. It meant she would have to go home.

3 years ago

Love the podcast! Entertaining just like the blog, and it’s interesting to hear your voice, as opposed to what I imagine it to sound like in my head when reading the blog. I’m going to have to go back and listen to your other podcasts now. Thanks for always making the Bachelor shows more fun to watch.

3 years ago

Half Birthdays are something elementary school kids celebrate when their actual birthday falls in the summer months!!

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