Putting her spirit sprinkles to good use

the-bachelor-melissa_241x344As many of you have told me today, People Magazine is confirming that our jilted Melissa is going to be taking the place of Nancy O’Dell (who suffered a knee injury late this week) on Dancing with the Stars. 

My sister and I have been discussing the “breaking news” and wondered what constitutes being a “star” according to ABC. 

One might guess that they are at the most…a D-list actor/actress.  Or that they had at least one hit on the radio between 1984 and 1998.  It never hurts to have been a stud athlete back in the day.  Pretty much anyone with a Screen Actor’s Guild card is certainly viable.

But we figured that poor Nancy was secretly Tonya Harding-ed by the ABC intern because Melissa was threatening to sue the network.  Or she’s going for the world record of most appearances on reality TV.

Regardless, tune in tomorrow night to see how the former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader performs. 

What do you guys think?  Will Bruno tell her that Jason is a FOOL for letting her go?  Will Carrie Ann give her a high score because she learned the dance in five seconds?  I’d give my sister’s first born to see Jason and Molly in the audience clapping and making out.  I’m just saying.


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