Recycle, Reuse, Repeat…

Many of you emailed, Facebooked and tweeted me the big news that People Magazine announced on Wednesday that Hotter Than Crap Brad’s former fiance Emily is the next Bachelorette. (Click HERE for story.)   I’m not surprised at all that ABC is recycling due t the fact that the Bachelorette’s entire franchise is built on a foundation of former contestants.  Emily and her tiny white shorts will be number eight in a line of women who didn’t find love at the mansion, starting way back in 2003 with their golden child Trista.

I think what’s more surprising is that she’s actually going through with it.  I think Emily is darling.  And for a young girl, she’s certainly lived a very dramatic life.  She seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders and from what I’ve read, the entire experience was something that she didn’t really enjoy the first go around.  I’m sure a certain hot guy with a ridiculous back tattoo promised her the final rose from the very beginning and all she had to do was sit back, relax, go on exotic vacations and try not to miss her little girl too much.  But then reality sets in and you find yourself on Sixth Street wondering how you got from the African safari to here?

Based on the fact that she’s 25-years-old and her house is bigger than most people I know, I doubt she needs the money.  I understand also that the show is setting up shop in North Carolina so she doesn’t have to be away from Little Ricki.  I’m sure the in-laws love that.  She was loved by every Bachelor contestant in Ashley’s season and the rest of the nation.  Why is she going through such ridiculous lengths to land a man?

Also, I found her ridiculously normal.  Normal people have a tendency to make the ratings stale because they aren’t willing to make complete fools of themselves.  (See: Firestone, Jesse Palmer and our current Groban.)

The only thing I can come up with is that she’s vying for the open spot in The Bachelor Pad as co-host since Melissa Rycroft is no longer the Cher to Harrison’s Sonny.  The Hollywood bug has bitten and Mike Fleiss probably moved mountains and sold his soul to get America’s favorite single Mom as his next Bachelorette, promising her fame and fortune, or a gig as an Entertainment Tonight correspondent at the very least.

Am I totally off?  Why do you think Emily is diving into this game again?  Do you think it’s really love?  Or is the paycheck just too good to pass up?  Do you think Brad is going to get another tattoo to ease his pain as he watches her make out with other dudes?  Sound off in the comments section!


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