Remain calm

I’m in Canada.

No, I’m not slathering mustard on hot dogs with Jillian.  I’m here on business.  And that business is to search for the mysterious Ogo Pogo in Lake Whatchacallit.  But that’s an entry for another time.

I’m assuming that my hotel will have ABC.  I’m assuming that I will be able to watch it live.  I’m assuming that with all the drama, I will write a little post tonight.  Please know that the recap will be TOMORROW NIGHT, and not during the day, because I’m going to be looking for that Ukrainian guy that Jill’s grandma is hording away up here.  But that’s neither here nor there.

If I don’t have ABC in my hotel, I will have to wait and watch it online.  We all know that this is not an ideal scenario.  However, sometimes work gets in the way of play.

Can not wait for the drama!  Fingers crossed that I have ABC!


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